Lunar New Year Pack

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Every year we return to our roots in celebration of the Lunar New Year, observing traditions and marking new beginnings. As many of us cannot make our annual trip home during these times, we’ll miss the lion dances, red envelopes, and the feasts we share with our family and friends. Empire Taste’s Lunar New Year Pack is our proverbial red envelope, containing a variety of tools inspired by the tables our grandmothers lay out when we come home. We’re encouraging everyone to continue celebrating the Year of the Ox by helping you set your own tables or sharing with a friend just as our grandmothers taught us to.

What's Inside:
Sate Chili Oil
Specialty Seasoned Soya Sauce
Award-Winning Oolong Tea
Tea Cup
Soup Spoon
Grandma's Chopsticks
Lucky Red Envelope

All profits will be donated to Think!Chinatown, a non-profit founded in NYC driven in building inter-generational relationships towards sustaining our Chinatown community.